Instant Win
One of the most popular promotions is instant win games. They provide the consumer with a fun and interactive experience and also provide immediate gratification which leads to a higher number of returning consumers. With the flexibility and robustness of our platform, instant win games can utilize an endless number of display formats, such as this Flash game. Also, the flexibility of the platform allows clients to configure the flow of the promotion to best suit their needs.

Instant Win, with Tell-A-Friend component
Adding a Tell-A-Friend feature to a promotion, such as this demo, is a great way to have consumers tell people they know about the great promotion they just played. Thanks to years of experience in the online promotions industry, our platform has been built to offer a wide range of configurations, allowing clients to easily and affordably tailor the promotion to their needs.

Instant Win - Scratch-Off
Almost every consumer knows about scratch off instant win games and enjoys playing them as well. Nothing beats the feeling of scratching off your game card and realizing that you won a great prize. With games such as this demo, consumers get to enjoy scratch off instant win games on the web and clients have the ability to leverage the robustness of our platform to ask as many marketing questions as they prefer.

Simple Sweepstakes
Sweepstake promotions, such as this demo, are a classic. Whether the client wants to allow the consumer to enter only once, daily, or any other frequency, our platform can easily support it. We have designed our platform to meet the needs of even the most demanding and complex promotions.

Scrambled Image, with acetate
Whether the client mails consumers a piece of red acetate to hold up to the monitor or wants to use an online acetate to drag over the scrambled image, like this demo, it's all available thanks to our platform. We have taken our years of experience in the online promotions industry and created the most flexible and robust platform.